New Migrant Caravan Heads for the United States

migrant caravan

New developments in the press confirm that yet another caravan of Central American migrants is making their way to the United States.

A Review of the New Migrant Caravan

At this time, migrants are currently making their way to the United States in order to seek asylum from San Pedro Sula which is their homeland. The caravan is comprised of hundreds of migrants which are employing different methods of travel. Some are walking, while others are approaching the United States by bus.

The approach of the new migrant caravan appears as a part two to the events which unfolded when migrants came to the Southern border in 2018. Throughout migrants’ approach, President Trump stated that they wouldn’t be granted entry into the states. However, this didn’t slow down the caravans in the slightest. Many came to America’s Southern border anyway; some wound up getting asylum in Mexico, while others eventually went back home.

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Earlier today, President Trump affirmed his refusal to grant entry to the new, approaching caravan. The commander-in-chief furthermore called upon Democrats to “stop playing political games and end the [government] shutdown.”