New Poll Brings Terrible News for Biden and the Democrat Party


One prevailing theme throughout Biden’s presidency thus far has been a series of horrible polls. As time goes on and as various catastrophes continue to mount, due to Biden’s leadership, the approval ratings of this president are getting lower and lower.

The White House is largely dismissing these negative poll numbers. When questioned during media briefings, press secretary Jen Psaki falsely claimed Biden’s dismal approval ratings are rooted in Americans’ frustrations with battling COVID.

This is definitely the narrative the White House wants the American public to believe. However, the polls reveal nationwide dissatisfaction with Biden stems way beyond the virus he promised to defeat, but has not yet defeated.

Not a good look for Democrats

An NBC News poll arrived on October 31, bringing an abysmal update to the Democrat Party and the current president. Even NBC News anchor Chuck Todd admitted Democrats should be frightened by the numbers.

At this time, 71% of the country does not think America’s going in the right direction. By contrast, merely 22% think the polar opposite.