New York AG Opens Probe into Seller of Fake Social Media Followers


Furthermore, he tweeted that the increasing number of bots is drowning public conversations on social media platforms.

The attorney general has been aggressive fighting online fraud, abuse, impersonation, and misuse of identities. In November, his office started investigating the massive scheme to corrupt the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) public comment process on net neutrality.

The AG’s office found that as many as two millions fake comments were submitted to the Commission’s public comment process. At least 500,000 fake comments on net neutrality came from Russian e-mail addresses.

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Social media companies under pressure to eliminate fake user accounts

Currently, U.S. Congress is conducting an intensive inquiry into the use of social media platforms to interfere in the electoral process. Reports indicated that Russian groups used fake social media accounts to spread misleading stories to meddle in the 2016 presidential elections.