New York State to Provide Immediate Services to Immigrant Children

Separated Children at the Border
Screenshot from PBS News Hour video

The State of New York will provide immediate services and resources to help unaccompanied immigrant children and those separated from their parents.

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Last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo demanded the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to disclose information about the immigrant children transferred to facilities in New York from the U.S.-Mexico border.

At the time, the governor emphasized, “It’s my legal responsibility to provide for the health and welfare of the children in my state. They are in my state and I intend to fulfill my legal responsibility, even if they’re going to abrogate theirs.”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

During a press conference on Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “The Trump Administration’s separation of immigrant families is either an historic example of gross incompetence of government or a political tactic that would make Machiavelli blush.”

New York is doing everything to help immigrant children

Additionally, the governor said, “New York is intervening to do everything that we can to help the children who are separated and the larger populations of immigrant children in our state.”