OPINION: Trying to Force Face Masks on Everyone is a Losing Game


As the United States gradually reopens, the issue of whether to wear a face mask or not wear a face mask is now highly controversial.

Many people subscribe to the idea that face masks are a great way to stop the spread of coronavirus. Individuals with this mindset present the flawed argument which asserts that anyone “could” be an asymptomatic carrier of coronavirus and hence has a moral and social duty to wear a mask.

Now, anyone with this mindset has the right to this mindset. What they don’t have, however, is the right to force everyone else to wear a mask. Not everyone views face masks favorably and individuals who are uncomfortable with wearing them have the right to refuse.

The Losing Game of the Face Mask Debate

There are all kinds of reasons why individuals may abstain from wearing a face mask. Some people view them as symbolic of the overblown fearmongering which the mainstream media has perpetuated regarding COVID-19. Then, you have other Americans who recognize the perils of government being able to force people to cover their faces.