Paving the world’s roads with solar panels – Is it a bad idea?


It was just a few years back that people were excited about the idea of roads paved with solar panels. It not only served as a way to reduce our negative impact on the environment, but it also promised to supply plenty of jobs.

To the great disappointment of interested parties, the results are in from a wide variety of tests, and they’re less than spectacular to say the very least.

The disadvantages of installing solar roads

The idea of installing solar panels into our roads is a fantastic concept. We would use the collected solar energy to power traffic lights, warning lights, and ground sensors to reduce our impact on the surrounding environment.

On paper, the idea is sound, but that’s where the disadvantages start to come into play.

For one, the panels will be covered by dust, dirt, snow, and all manner of grime as traffic passes to and fro. Furthermore, the glass would have to be especially thick to bear the load of traffic, making them more expensive than your typical rooftop solar panels.