Pennsylvania New Fireworks Law: Here’s What You Need to Know


Pennsylvania lawmakers made a number of changes to the state’s fireworks law in October. The amendments were part of House Bill 542, a revenue legislation signed into law by Gov. Tom Wolf.

Many believe that the changes will result to a booming New Year’s Eve in Pennsylvania. Residents will no longer have to drive out of state and purchase high-octane fireworks.

Joyce Knepp, the owner of Kneppy’s Fireworks in Clearfield County, said the new regulation will have a great impact to them.

Brian Shaub, the co-owner of Keystone Fireworks, told Lancaster Online that he is excited about the new fireworks law. According to him, for the first time Pennsylvanians can “buy anything they see” at his store and “go light it off any time of the day or night legally.”

The law added a 12% fireworks tax on top of the state’s 6% sales tax. The Associated Press estimated that the state will generate $2.6 million in new licensing fees from fireworks sellers this year and $9.6 million next year.

Consumer fireworks

Under the new fireworks law, Pennsylvania residents (at least 18 years of age) may buy, sell, and use consumer fireworks. However, they cannot ignite or discharge consumer fireworks on a private or public property without permission from the owner. They cannot use it within 150 feet of an occupied structure.