Pennsylvania has a policy that insurance covers 3D mammogram at no cost to patients

Pennsylvania Capitol
Pennsylvania State Capitol turns fountain pink to mark October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pennsylvania has a policy that 3D mammogram is covered by insurance, according to the administration of Governor Tom Wolf.  Women with coverage can have the procedure at no cost just like traditional mammogram.

The governor said, “Modern technology is offering new opportunities for physicians to diagnose breast cancer in women and provide life-saving treatment earlier than ever.”

According to Wolf, that is the reason Pennsylvania is the first state to have a policy to provide annual 3D mammogram at no cost to patients.

On the other hand, Acting Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman delivered a speech during the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition on Monday.

In her remarks, Altman reiterated the state’s existing policy on 3D mammograms. She said the state law covers women who obtain their health care coverage through individual or group insurance.

Gov. Wolf’s administration is fighting to save ACA

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare has a provision requiring insurance companies to cover preventive services at no cost to consumers. Women with insurance policies through self-funded plan can get 2D mammogram instead of 3D mammogram with no cost-sharing.