Remains identified as missing woman Lauren “El” Cho, 30


The New York Post reported that human remains found in the California desert have been identified by the San Bernardino County Coroner’s Office. Lauren Cho, a thirty-year-old woman from New Jersey disappeared from her Airbnb on June 28th.

The woman, also known as “El,” was identified. Her remains were found in the rugged desert wilderness in Southern California’s Yucca Valley just outside Joshua Tree National Park.

Images of the woman were circulated and multiple searches were done in the area.

The family still needs answers

Her family launched a Facebook page to raise awareness when they discovered Cho was missing. They have provided public updates on the search. They do not believe the cause of death was suicide. And have denied the public speculation that she was mentally ill or on drugs.

”Some are quick to post on social media sites that Lauren was suicidal. However, suicide by exposure is extremely uncommon due to the length of time it takes for one to succumb to the environment,” the family said.