Russian Domestic Storage Is Nearly Full, While Europe Is Still Grappling With Low Supply

Snow - Unsplash via Daniel Bowman
Snow - Unsplash via Daniel Bowman

Russia’s Gazprom said domestic gas storage is 91.4% full, while the rest of Europe grapple to stock up on energy before cold weather hits.

Reuters reported that the state-run energy producer said that Russian storage is nearly full as of August 24. 

On the other hand, European Union countries are facing a crisis as energy supplies remain hindered as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

According to data from Energy Monitor, Europe’s gas storage sites are at 67% of their maximum capacity.

In Germany, gas storage capacity is 67% full, while in Italy and France, it is 71% and 76% full, respectively, per Energy Monitor.

Western sanctions imposed by the UK, EU, and the US on Russia resulted in a plethora of cuts to energy flows from the energy-rich country in retaliation, leaving European governments in a continuous dilemma.

In Russia’s latest move threatening European supply, it plans to stop gas flows via the key Nord Stream 1 pipeline for three days to carry out unplanned maintenance. Before that, it had already cut gas supplies through the key pipeline to just 20% capacity.