Senior Citizen Scolds Kamala Harris about Healthcare


As the 2020 presidential election carries on, healthcare is a very pivotal issue. Americans across the nation have various ideas on the best healthcare system for this nation; there are even certain disparities amongst Democrats in this arena. Moderates view an expansion of Obamacare favorably, while progressives strive to implement Medicare-for-All.

Also, the moderate wing of the Democrat Party views their progressive counterparts as too extreme; progressives, by a similar token, believe the a moderate stance on healthcare is too lukewarm to energize voters and engender real change.

As Democrats campaign on their various healthcare plans, Americans are weighing in. 2020 hopeful Kamala Harris experienced this firsthand on Monday after a confrontation from a senior citizen.

Healthcare in the United States

There are many people in this country who have real concerns about losing their healthcare. This is a climate which Democrats have contributed to with talks of booting Americans off their private health insurance. Medicare-for-All supporters furthermore claim that working people won’t miss their private healthcare, but not everyone seems to agree with this.

On Monday, Harris visited Iowa in order to speak with older people at the Bickford Senior Living Center. During this time, Roberta Jewell, 91, called over Harris and inquired about who will pay for healthcare for everyone. When Harris responded by claiming “we” will pay for it, Jewell shook her head and expressed her concerns:

“Leave our health care alone. We don’t want you to mess with it.”

Following Jewell’s statements, Harris responded with the following remarks:

“I want to make sure that it’s the way you like it, I promise you that. I won’t mess with the health care that you have.”

Harris has previously faced criticism for what others view as failure to properly articulate her stance on healthcare.

Criticism Against Harris on Healthcare

While many Democrats believe Harris’ stance on healthcare is unclear, the right-wing has other concerns. Conservative note that Harris’ statements are parallel to former President Obama’s vows to let Americans keep their plans if they wished. Of course, this did not pan out. Therefore, many people have concerns that a similar scenario will play out if Kamala Harris gets her way on healthcare.