SpaceX Breaks Record Launching 64 Satellites Into Space

SSO-A Fairing on SpaceX Falcon 9: Photograph by Jack Beyer for

It’s 2018 and everyday new records are being set in every industry. Today, SpaceX launched 64 satellites into space from 34 different companies Monday morning in California.

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SpaceX is just one of the four companies Elon Musk owns. Musk was keeping all of the twitter-verse updated by tweeting throughout the entire launch. Showing his excitement he tweeted, “64 satellites on this flight!”

But why launch dozens of satellites into space? What is the point? According to the mission outline, SpaceX says the mission is to help other businesses get the data they need, “(the launch represents the company’s effort to accommodate the growing number of domestic, international, government, and commercial customers seeking affordable rideshare options to launch their spacecraft into orbit.”

There is no specific type of company that hopped on this ride share sat. launch. SpaceX says multiple entities and governments hopped on board including universities, startups and even a middle school. The 34 companies are from 17 different countries. A few of them are U.S., Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, U.K., Germany, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Poland, Canada, Brazil, and India.