Speaker McCarthy Gets Good News One Week After Election


Earlier this month, GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy won election to be House Speaker. However, securing this leadership role in the House of Representatives came after 15 different votes, along with headbutting among House GOP members.

Some of the more extreme members of the GOP caucus argued that McCarthy lacked the appropriate conviction to be the House Speaker. Others claimed that Reps. Jim Jordan and Byron Donalds would be better options for the job.

From the start, McCarthy had the majority of House Republicans behind him. Though it was the 20 holdouts who ultimately delayed McCarthy’s win.

Now, about a week after the fact, Speaker McCarthy is doing well in a new poll.

Gauging public views on the new House Speaker

A survey conducted by Economist/YouGov documents McCarthy as carrying a 59% approval rating amongst GOP members. Only 21% of Republicans confirmed their disapproval of the newly elected House Speaker.

Since McCarthy’s time running the show, several changes have taken place in the House of Representatives. Some of these changes are as follows:

  • A select committee to review China’s effects on the economy, along with military and technological sectors
  • A panel to probe potential abuses from the federal government
  • Revocation of funding for 87,000 new agents for the IRS

With McCarthy just getting started as House Speaker, Americans can look forward to additional changes to come.