How is Student Loan Debt Impacting Americans?


As Americans face various issues, one of the most critical ones of all turns out to be student loan debt. As young people continue to face skyrocketing amounts of student loans, questions about the impacts and who will fix it have arisen.

Student Loan Debt in America

According to Student Loan Hero, Americans collectively owe at least $1.56 trillion dollars in student loan debt. This amount also happens to supersede the amount of unpaid credit card debt within the United States.

To make matters even worse, student loan debt almost always comes with interest after a certain point. In layman’s terms, for each day which indebted persons fail to pay owed dues, interest increases, thus surging the owed amount faster than one can pay it off.

While most people can see the glaringly obvious pitfalls in excessive student loan debt, there are various opinions on who is truly to blame. Some people blame the government and the institutions. However, there are others who believe that the responsibility lies with those who take out massively unaffordable student loans.

The Case that Government and Institutions are to Blame

Americans who fault the government and the institutions believe they intentionally prey on young people who seek to gain an education. As such, people with this mindset have proposed various ways in which government and universities can fix the problem. Some of the suggested methods include promoting responsible borrowing of funds, finetuning education to what is most in-demand with today’s job market, and more.

Government has furthermore faced criticism for wielding such an extensive role in the education of young Americans.

The Case that Student Loan Borrowers are to Blame

Generally, there are multiple outlooks with each argument. Those who fault the students tend to note that taking out loans is a choice. Granted, there are other alternatives which exist, such as grants and scholarships. Parents moreover have the option of putting money aside to invest in the education of their children. Of course, not all elect to do this, which is not within the control of their children.

People who assign blame to the students have also stated that they should select better majors which yield favorable job opportunities. This argument has increased in frequency as there are more and more reports of college graduates taking entry-level jobs due to an allegedly dismal job market.

Regardless of who blames what, there is one ultimate reality. The reality is that countless young people are up to their eyeballs in student loan debt.