Trump says he prefers to run against Biden because he is “mentally weak”


President Donald Trump criticized former vice president Joe Biden before travelling to Iowa, a key battleground state where the Democrat is also campaigning on Tuesday

During a question-and-answer session with reporters, Trump said he prefers to run against Biden in 2020 because he is “mentally weak.”

“When a man has to mention my name 76 times in his speech; that means he’s in trouble. I have to tell you, he’s a different guy. He looks different then he used to, he acts different than he used to, he is even slower than he used to be. So I don’t know. But when he mentions my name that many times, I guess I should be complimented.”

Trump went on to say, ” I’d rather run against, I think, Biden than anybody. I think he’s the weakest mentally. I like running against people who are weak mentally. I think he is the weakest up here. The other ones have much more energy. I don’t agree with their policies, but I — I call him 1 percent Joe, because until Obama came along he did very well.”

Furthermore, the President questioned Biden’s health by suggesting that the Democrat is “slower than he used to.”