Trump Wins Person Of The Year Award From Operation Rescue


President Donald Trump has done so much to protect the unborn and now he is being recognized for it.

Last week, the pro-life group Operation Rescue named the president its 2020 Person of the Year, the group announced on its website.

The award, named The Malachi Award is given by Operation Rescue each year to those who work to protect the lives of unborn babies.

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“During President Trump’s Administration, he has done more to protect unborn lives than any other President in U.S. History,” the group said.

“When he first took office, he immediately set out to defund those that promote abortion worldwide.  He established policies at the Department of Health and Human Services that completely changed the philosophy of government from one that favored abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood, to one that promised to protect life ‘from conception until natural death,’” it said.

Pres. Trump’s pro-life policies

The group praised the president’s implementation of the Protect Life Rule that stopped Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups from getting millions in Title X Family Planning grants.