U.S. authorities seeking info on sightings of a jetpack-flying man at LAX


It was the first time in US aviation history that a jetpack-flying man was seen by a commercial air flight. A few weeks later, another pilot spotted him again.

On September 1st,  American Airlines flight #1997 was approaching Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) when they contacted the air traffic control tower. The pilot was reporting a very unusual sighting at an altitude of 3,000 feet.

Pilot reports jetpack-flying man to the control tower

American Flight 1997: “Tower, American 1997, we just passed a guy in a jetpack.”

Tower: “American 1997, OK, thank you. Were they off to your left or right side?”

American Flight 1997: “Off the left side, maybe 300 yards or so, about our altitude.”

The jetpack-flying man was spotted at an altitude of 3,000 feet about 300 yards to the left side of the plane.

The next flight to land behind flight # 1997 also reported seeing the unidentified jetpack pilot in the same general location off their left side.

The second sighting came on October 14

Last week, airline pilots reported seeing the jetpack-flying man again in the skies above LAX.