Volocopter is now accepting reservations for electric air taxi flights


Reservations for the VoloFirst flights are available via the Volocopter Reservation Platform.

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Volocopter is a well-funded start-up

The German startup had the first-ever manned flight of a VTOL copter back in 2011, the year it was founded. It has since developed the 2X, a more commercial aircraft with two seats. 

In 2013, on the Seedmatch on-line fundraising website $588,120 (€500,000) was raised in 2 hours and 35 minutes. Volocopter still holds the European Union record for that effort.

The company topped up its Series C funding round to $94 million earlier this year, bringing its total raised to circa $132 million.

The marketplace is booming

Right now in the Vertical Mobility Market the sky truly is the limit. There are some interesting international competitors include Ehang UAV (NASDAQ: EH),  Airbus SE, American SureFly, Lilium, and Vahana. Each seems to have their unique vision of an air taxi or flying car. But there is plenty of room for individuality and innovation in this marketplace.