Which Tools Should You Use For Gua Sha? Exploring Your Options for Facial Gua Sha


Whenever you’re pampering your face with gua sha, the tool you’re using makes all the difference in the world. Today, there are all sorts of gua sha options that are specially designed to fit the shapes and crevices of your face.

With the many tools featured across gua sha video demos and follow-along tutorials on social media, knowing where to begin is sometimes easier said than done.

Today, stainless steel, rose quartz, jade stone, and Terahertz are some of the most popular gua sha tools. Let’s have a look at how each of these work when you’re practicing your skincare.

Stainless steel gua sha

The stainless steel gua sha boasts a mirror-like appearance. When applying it to the face, you’ll find that getting a firm, yet soothing scrape across the skin is effortless. This tool also has a reputation for nicely gliding along the oil that you first used to prep your face.

Many people who’ve compared the stainless steel gua sha tool to other options have praised its durability and the ease with which it can be cleaned.

Rose quartz gua sha

The rose quartz gua sha stone feels soft and smooth on the face. However, many gua sha aficionados feel that it lacks the smoothness of the stainless steel tool. While the rose quartz is quite aesthetically pleasing and can make for a nice gua sha experience, some people say it’s more prone to breakage and can easily store unwanted bacteria.

Jade stone gua sha

The jade stone often gets associated with happiness and luck. As a gua sha tool, the jade stone is both soothing and warming on the face. However, some Amazon users reported that their tool broke after usage or accidentally dropping it.