ALERT! South Carolina Man Links to $100M+ in Alleged Scams


In many instances, chargebacks eventually surpass the 100 per month limit and the signers find their MIDs shut down by Visa/Mastercard.  The ramifications are significant as the signers’ credit is harmed and possibly left with unintended tax consequences.   Furthermore, depending on the circumstances of the MID shutdown, the signers’ might find themselves listed on MATCH, a blacklist created by Visa.

“The practice of acquiring and load balancing merchant accounts via ‘signers’ to avoid detection from regulators is ‘outright bank fraud,'” opines a white-collar criminal defense attorney who asked not to be named in this article.

Jeremy Johnson testifying after he was sentenced to 11+ years in prison for submitting false information to banks in his free trial load balancing scheme.

Jeremy Johnson, a notorious free trial scammer, was recently prosecuted for submitting false information to banks to acquire MIDs to load balance transactions at iWorks.  In Johnson’s case, he was forced to forfeit all of his assets, including hundreds of millions of dollars, his home, car collection, and business.   Johnson is now serving an 11+ year prison sentence.

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Bethany Childs

Kyrie McDougall. Didn’t u just show me a pic of these two?

Ella Nielsen

Hope they lock them up and throw away the keys!

Kay Dotson

Hope he goes to jail and I hope they take everything he has and gives the people back their money plus some. Hope he is left with nothing and owes for a long time. I can't stand a lier and a thief. If you want something work for it honesty. Piece of trash.

Scott Vallentine

He doesn't look smart enough to have pulled this off.

John Reaves

Cindy Turner Reaves

Billy Cook Jr.

I wanna see her feet

Lisa Moore Gilbert

Sum bags

Pablo Paul

Shit, he my idol

Cheryl Erckert

These people suck. I did this free trial once and read the fine print you have 14 days to cancel however you don’t receive your product for like 20 days so it’s tough to cancel when you don’t even have it to test it and that’s how they start charging your credit card. POS should go to prison.

Mark Gibson

If he was that smart he burried enough to not have to worry about money whenever he gets out of jail then again he might not get out to spend it.

Steve Vetrone

Needs a sledge hammer on his sticky fingers

Scott Meenen

A Scam is only a Scam if you fall for it.

USA Herald

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Richard Casio

Karma will come back

Benna Thompson


Kyle Pack

He’s trying to get that next movie deal!!

Edmond Dontaes

Spencer Hiers They looking for you brother

Chris Landis

This is clearly fake! You're trying to tell me this guy has $100 million dollars and his girl looks like that?!..psssh hell naw

USA Herald

It has come to the attention of the USA Herald that a number of people that have commented on this string and other publishers that have written articles about John Monarch/Direct Outbound Services/Shipchain have received threats of lawsuits if they don't remain silent. We're collecting a list of these folks. If you are threatened by John Monarch or anyone else over exercising free speach, i.e. Shaunice Griffin recently commented about her experience at DOS and that she quite because she "felt like it was a scam," please contact us here:

Brendan Edens

And no one has just gone in and stomped their ass? I sure as hell wouldve, but Im also not trying free trials of anything. Its almost always bs.. no matter what, they wouldnt be keeping my money.

Scott Yearwood

Hang him In Public

William Laureano

Both those men

Daniel Townsend

Put this dummy out of business and straight to jail

JC Carman

Looks like Patrick Westcott lol