Apple fires another leader of #AppleToo movement


The Verge reports that Apple employee Janneke Parrish has been fired for deleting files off her work phone. And she allegedly deleted the apps Robinhood, Pokémon GO, and Google Drive. Apple, the Silicon Valley-based mega tech company, has been cracking downs on leaks. Parrish is a leader at the #Appletoo movement.

Critics say the crackdown is not to protect company secrets but to keep company policies hidden from public view.

 And Parrish has been very vocal about the need for Google workers to organize. She works as a program manager on Apple Maps. Apple cited deleting files off of her work devices as a reason for firing her. And an  internal investigation claims the deletions were evidence of  “non-compliance.” 

Insiders at the company believe Parrish’s firing is retaliation for organizing in the high-tech workplace.

#AppleToo employees allegedly harassed and/or fired 

In recent months another employee was terminated after claiming that the company culture at Apple was toxic. In September,  Ashley Gjøvik was fired for allegedly leaking confidential information. And Gjøvik has filed multiple charges with the National Labor Relations Board in reference to how Apple treated her. She also claims that the anti-leaking policy may violate US labor law.