Arizona Senate Race: Sinema Widens Lead over McSally

Arizona Senate Race--Sinema vs McSally

Democratic Representative Kyrsten Sinema widened her lead over Representative Martha McSally in the tight race for the U.S. Senate in Arizona.

On Thursday, McSally had an advantage of around 17,000 votes but the situation changed on Friday as election officials started counting remaining votes from Maricopa County. It is the state’s most populous county, which includes Phoenix.

Based on data from the Arizona Secretary of State’s website, Sinema gained 595,444 votes while McSally obtained 556,076 votes in Maricopa County. The Democratic Senate candidate had 39,368 more votes than her Republican opponent

Election officials also finished counting the remaining ballots in Pinal County, where McSally got 53,068 votes compared to Sinema’s 40,754 votes.  The Republican Senate candidate managed to offset her opponent’s advantage by 12,314 votes.

Still, Sinema’s advantage against McSally more than doubled from 9,610 votes earlier on Friday to 23,899 or 1.17 percent at the time of this writing on Saturday around 4:20 p.m.