Back to the Future: Jetpack and Hoverboard Technology

BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II, Michael J. Fox, 1989

In April, Twitter came alive with a video of someone flying smoothly above the traffic in a U.S. city.  Hoverboard technology is here. And jetpacks, drones, and now hoverboards are being spotted everywhere. 1980’s style sci-fi shown in classic movies like Back to the Future and Star Wars is the technology of today. 

Last year an unidentified flying person (technically a UFO or UAP) was spotted soaring at 3,000 feet. This was confusing to several pilots who spotted jetpack guy while they were landing planes at LAX. As far as anyone knows, no jetpack could reach that height, certainly not with a human pilot.

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The video shows a still unknown pilot who is riding a drone-like hoverboard through an unidentified city. Some say it looks suspiciously like someplace in California. Regardless the latest sightings demonstrate that the sci-fi gadgets first envisioned in the movies, really do exist in 2021.

Hoverboard technology trending

The hoverboard pilot was probably breaking the law with his daredevil flight. In most parts of the U.S., you need a permit to fly a drone. And most major cities it’s illegal to fly drones, hoverboards, or jetpacks. It makes it even more illegal to add a human pilot and a huge hoverboard with lights on for a night flight. But it is an amazing sight.

The Back to the Future flying hoverboard will soon be available for the public to purchase. The flying board is here and it may be very affordable ($10,000 to $15,000). The Mark-1 prototype of an OMNI Hoverboard is patented as the first flying hoverboard. The OMNI has four rotating propellers to lift and power the craft as it soars.

 It has the Guinness record for traveling a total distance of 275.9 miles in 2015. And it should hit the market this year. 


The OMNI is really a cross between a drone and a hoverboard. And just as the drone market is experiencing a boom so goes the hoverboard! OMNI is not the only hoverboard-maker around. But they are definitely the frontrunner with this amazing technology.