California wildfires, scorching heat, rescues in the Sierras, and rolling blackouts

California wildfire
Credits: Kent Porter/The Press Democrat via AP

California has been punished by over 900 wildfires that have burned parts of the state. Many of the fires were ignited by intense lightning strikes that started on August 15th. The California wildfires continue to rage.

To organize the firefighting and rescue efforts, the California Office of Emergency Services (COES) names each fire.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) said 12,500 firefighters are currently battling 22 major fires in the state. Despite the heat, firefighters were able to contain two major fires in coastal Monterey County.

So far the blazes have decimated over 2 million acres. There have been 8 confirmed fire deaths including a hiker. And nearly 3,900 structures have been damaged or destroyed.

With record-breaking temperatures and the sheer number of California wildfires, the state’s electrical grid was badly strained and could lead to power outages and rolling blackouts.

San Diego-The “Valley Fire”

In eastern San Diego County, the “Valley Fire” broke out on Saturday afternoon. Fire officials warned the blaze was burning at a “dangerous rate of speed.”