Florida localities facing multiple lawsuits over face mask ordinances


In the era of coronavirus, the culture war regarding face masks remains ongoing.

As the incidence of new coronavirus cases increase, governors, mayors, and other leaders are implementing mandates for Americans to wear masks. Some require face coverings in both indoor and outdoor environments; others call for Americans to wear masks when social distancing is not possible.

An increasing number of Americans are tiring of face masks. Across the nation, police sheriffs are coming out and announcing that they will not enforce these mandates. Individuals who take issues with face mask ordinances are also bringing lawsuits in order to stop them.

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Right now, several local governments in Florida are facing lawsuits over mandates for residents to “mask up.”

What to know about face mask lawsuits

Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-FL) is presently suing multiple cities and counties in the Sunshine State that are requiring masks. The Florida representative maintains that such mandates are not constitutional or legal. Likewise, Sabatini continues to warn about the danger of allowing government to control citizens’ bodies and faces.

Public health officials and some political leaders are touting face masks as necessary tools to stop the transmission of coronavirus. Still, not everyone is convinced; moreover, all people cannot wear face masks. Some people suffer from health issues, PTSD flashbacks, etc.

Despite certain pushback, Sabatini has made it very clear that he will not back down. The Republican representative openly maintains that he plans on taking lawsuits against face mask ordinances to the Florida Supreme Court. Sabatini furthermore has the support of many conservatives who take issue with forced face masking.

Mounting backlash against face mask mandates

The Florida Republican representative is not the first American to strongly oppose mandates for face coverings.

Right now, police sheriffs in Ohio, Texas, and other states maintain that they will not uphold requirements for citizens to wear masks. In Georgia, localities have attempted to mandate face coverings; however, Gov. Brian Kemp quickly shut this down by reminding the state that such mandates are legally unenforceable.

The mounting backlash against face mask mandates appears to coincide with the increase of these ordinances.


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