Former Mob Boss, John Gotti Jr, Arrested for Assault


The victim, from Upper Brookville, claimed that her wig was forcibly removed during the scuffle, causing her significant distress.

 Attorney Gerard Marrone, representing the Gottis, countered by stating that the alleged victim initiated the physical confrontation by punching Kimberly first.

The altercation escalated with heated exchanges between parents from both schools.

Marrone claimed that parents from Locust Valley were verbally harassing players, including Kimberly and John Gotti Jr.’s son, who was playing for Oyster Bay.

He added that they were picking on her son Joseph Gotti, who plays for Oyster Bay. And the alleged victim went from “zero to 100” arguing aggressively. 

 Despite attempts to intervene and defuse the situation, the altercation continued, leading to the involvement of additional individuals and the eventual arrival of police.

The incident prompted an investigation by Section VIII Athletics is focusing an investigation on student interactions, parental conduct, and overall procedures related to athletic events.