Google Antitrust Trial: Microsoft CEO Testifies on Unfair Tactics and Market Dominance


In a pivotal moment for the tech industry, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took the stand in a Washington D.C. federal court on October 2. Nadella showed up at the Google antitrust trial to back the Department of Justice’s arguments that Google has crossed some legal lines.

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He testified that the Internet Is really just the “Google Web” due to the Apple-Alphabet deal and other questionable agreements.

 The trial, one of the most significant antitrust cases in over two decades, seeks to determine whether Alphabet Inc.’s Google employs unfair tactics to maintain its stranglehold on the online search business.

At the heart of this trial are the agreements Google has forged with major partners such as Apple, Samsung, and others. The Department of Justice (DOJ), which initiated the lawsuit, contends that these agreements constitute illegal methods to establish and sustain a monopoly.

During his testimony, a transcript of which was released by a Microsoft spokesperson, Nadella asserted that the internet has essentially become the “Google Web.” He cited the Apple-Alphabet deal and other controversial agreements as key factors contributing to Google’s dominance.