L.A. Firefighters Take a Pass on COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccine booster shots
Image source: FDA

President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program has led to the development and distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine. While the novel coronavirus has claimed 33,604 lives as of this writing, the mitigation strategies, notable lockdowns, have also wreaked havoc of their own.

Multiple big pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca have come out with vaccine doses. As of now, the COVID-19 vaccines are not yet available to everyone; the individuals being prioritized for the COVID-19 vaccination are the elderly, individuals with chronic health conditions, and frontline workers.

Last month, multiple healthcare workers in California made headlines for turning down the vaccine against coronavirus. This month, multiple firefighters in Los Angeles are also saying ‘no deal‘ to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Why firefighters don’t want the COVID-19 vaccine

At this time, roughly 40% of firefighters employed by the Los Angeles Fire Department are not vaccinated against COVID-19. This is a decision of their own volition, seeing as the coronavirus vaccine became available to the LAFD in December 2020.