Robot dog Spot is a star on YouTube and works on a BP oil rig


Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot is revolutionizing the workplace. The appeal is undeniable. YouTube loves Spot and is currently working in the Gulf of Mexico on an oil rig.

Robot dog Spot the YouTube star 

YouTuber Marques Brownlee demonstrated the mobile robot on his channel in August and has received over 3.5M hits to date. 

Brownlee describes the  “dope technology” as  “a quadruped robot that’s basically a computer, battery, and sensors all-together on top of some motors, metal, and joints in the shape of legs.”

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Spot is armed with 5 sets of cameras. The mobile robot perceives and navigates stairs and other rough terrains. Spot can be automated to do routine inspections and capture 2D and 3D information with pinpoint accuracy.

The robotic dog is controlled by an android tablet that can direct every move with a top speed of 3 miles per hour. For the job, the robot is programmed for higher functioning.

Working hard on the rigs

At BP, formerly The British Petroleum Company plc, the high-functioning robot is doing the work of a man and a machine. The automated worker was dispatched to an oil rig based 190 miles (305 km) off the coast. And programmed to read gauges, search for corrosion, make a 3D map of the facility, and detect methane gas leaks.