Selling Power Features ASLAN Training & Development on 2017 Top 20 Sales Training Companies List


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Today, ASLAN Training & Development announced it has been included on the 2017 list of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies that excel in helping sales leaders improve the performance of their sales teams. The list appears in the June issue of Selling Power magazine, which will be available to subscribers the first week of June. This is the fifth consecutive year that ASLAN Training & Development has been named to this prestigious list.

According to Selling Power publisher and founder Gerhard Gschwandtner, sales training continues to be of paramount importance in a digital age.

“We have now entered the era of Sales 3.0, which means balancing advanced technological tools with the human element of selling,” says Gschwandtner.

“This list of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies is a critical tool for sales leaders. Anyone who wants to enhance the productivity and performance of salespeople should consider the companies on this list – each of which can help provide the increased support, coaching, and training necessary to help salespeople learn to navigate relationships with today’s empowered buyer.”

“Selling Power is the leading resource for information on sales strategy. We are once again honored to be recognized in their annual list of top 20 sales training companies,” said Tom Stanfill, CEO of ASLAN Training & Development.

All companies on the list submitted a comprehensive application that included a detailed listing of their offerings for both training and retention, innovative solutions and services they have developed, and their company’s unique contributions to the sales training marketplace. Additionally, they had at least four clients submit a brief survey on their experience working with the training provider and their satisfaction with results from the training effort.

The four main criteria used when comparing applicants and selecting the companies to include on this year’s list were:

1.tDepth and breadth of training offeredn
2.tInnovative offerings (specific training courses, methodology, or delivery methods)n
3.tContributions to the sales-training marketn
4.tStrength of client satisfactionnn

“We are honored to be named to the Top 20 Sales Training Companies for the fifth consecutive year. At ASLAN we truly believe in the importance of the ciriteria Selling Power uses to identify the companies that make this list. As an organization we use this criteria as a benchmark to ensure we remain amongst the top sales training partners in the industry,” said Marc Lamson, President of ASLAN Training & Development.

Selling Power editors say the firms on the 2017 Top 20 Sales Training Companies list are uniquely positioned to help sales leaders create organizations that will succeed and remain competitive in today’s selling environment. nnSee the list at or, for more information, call Selling Power at (540) 752-7000. Note: The list is organized in alphabetical order and no priority or ranking is implied.

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