Third Russian Oil Company Tycoon succumbs to “Russian Sudden Death Syndrome”


In June a female Russian bank executive fell from her 11-story penthouse to her death on a Moscow Street below. Kristina Baikova, 28 was reportedly another victim of the so-called “Russian Sudden Death Syndrome” which has claimed more than 75 victims since Russia invaded Ukraine.

An exact number of the targeted deaths is not possible. This modern-day Russian purge seems to be taking place all over the globe at an alarming rate.

Putin appears to be erasing his enemies from the top leaders of the Wagner group to other top military, business executives, judges, journalists, and scientists are being killed off.  

The top executives who work for Russia-based Lukoil seem to be targeted.

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Vladimir Nekrasov, the 66-year-old chairman of the Lukoil board of directors, recently passed away “suddenly” at his Moscow residence, marking the third suspicious death to strike the Russian gas giant in the past 18 months. 

Nekrasov’s death took place at his Moscow residence. Russian state media says the coroner claims that preliminary findings suggest it was due to “acute heart failure.” 

Russian Sudden Death Syndrome Continues

The last two years have been marked by several suspicious deaths affecting Russian oil tycoons. Some observers believe these incidents might be part of a purge within President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle.