Unpacking the Ties Between Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking


With Domestic Violence Awareness Month coming to a close, it’s important for everyone to remember the gravity of this abuse, even after Tuesday, October 31 passes.

Like domestic violence, human trafficking is yet another problem that adversely impacts far too many people. While some folks may think of domestic violence and human trafficking as separate issues, they actually share far more parallels than one might assume.

Understanding the connections between domestic violence and human trafficking goes a long way toward combatting both of these crimes. It also plays a pivotal role in finding solutions to help people who remain trapped in bondage and need a lifeline.

What to know about domestic violence and human trafficking

In many cases, human traffickers subject their victims to domestic violence.

This frequently happens as a means of abusers exerting control, maintaining power, and keeping their victims from stepping out of line. All too often, domestic violence occurs against victims of trafficking who live with their abusers.