When Is Your Stimulus Check Coming?

stimulus checks

Many in the country are still waiting eagerly for their 3rd  federal stimulus check. The good news is, more payments are set to go out Wednesday, March 24th!  

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In a statement issued Monday, the IRS said  stimulus check processing began on Friday, but will have an official pay date of  March 24. Some people may see $1,400 in their accounts earlier. Although anything before Wednesday will appear as provisional or pending payments. 

Much of America continues to struggle with income losses and rising costs in the techno-pandemic. These checks for $1,400 were authorized under the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan. Each eligible adult and dependent (child) will receive the $1400.

 Hopefully, the checks will provide some additional relief over a year after COVID closed down the economy and cost tens of thousands of American jobs. 

Unfortunately, how many checks the IRS is sending is still unknown. And all the statements issued are fairly ambiguous. For example, the IRS claims a “large number” of the payments will be mailed. Unfortunately, the public must continue to guess what a “large number” would be.