President Trump Weighs in on Democrats and Immigration


Recent documentation from The Hill affirms that President Trump recently weighed in on Democrats and immigration during a weekly White House address.

An Overview of President Trump’s Statements

Over the past few weeks, immigration has taken America by storm; potential reforms have prompted strong emotions and backlash from various groups. A sizable degree of the division followed after Americans learned about the separation of children from parents who illegally enter the United States. The foregoing separations prompted considerable ire and bipartisan condemnation. Therefore, the President eventually signed an executive order to keep migrant families together.

However, talks surrounding immigration are far from over. In fact, many Americans are hypothesizing about how immigration policies will impact the forthcoming midterm elections.

On Saturday, President Trump shared his thoughts pertaining to immigration and supporting votes from the Democrats. His statements read as follows:

Remember this, we need Democrat votes. Without the Democrats constantly obstructing, there’s no way you can do it. Without having Democrats voting, there is no way you can get this done. So the Democrats are obstructing, the Democrats don’t want border security, the Democrats are OK with crime — but we’re not OK with it. We need Democrat votes. Without it, frankly, nothing can be done.

The President’s preceding comments come after various calls for Republicans and Democrats to unite and work together for the sake of America.

Will the GOP Score Democratic Votes?

Whether or not Democratic votes materialize currently remain to be seen; at this point, Democrats and Republicans are not on the best terms. The same dynamic applies regarding the relationship between Democrats and President Trump. Just a few months ago, the left-leaning ACLU filed a lawsuit against ICE regarding the separation of illegal immigrants who unlawfully cross the Southern border.

President Trump and conservative moreover maintain that Democrats bear responsibility for the crisis at the border. Right-wingers also claim that Democrats support illegal immigrants for the sake of acquiring unlawful votes. However, Democrats have controverted the aforementioned accusation, asserting that their concern for illegal immigrants is humanitarian-based.

The President and his supporters appear to see matters differently:

Democratic criticism of Trump era immigration policies remains ongoing. The condemnation comes in spite of the President’s recently signed executive order.

Questions about the fate of already separated families have subsequently emerged.