Sophia Robot Creator Wants to Build an Army of Robots to Battle COVID


The creator of a human-like robot called Sophia said he wants to produce an army of robots to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. 

David Hanson, the founder of Hanson Robotics Limited, a Hong Kong-based engineering company, developed Sophia in 2016.  

The Sophia robot is engineered with machine learning tools. She is mobile, talks, and learns from every interaction. The human-like robot says she wants to help people particularly senior citizens and those who are ill. 

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“Social robots like me can take care of the sick or elderly,” Sophia claimed while she was conducting a tour of Hanson Robotics. “I can help communicate, give therapy, and provide social stimulation, even in difficult situations.” 

The Sophia robot has cognitive architecture and a built-in set of AI-based tools that simulate a human personality and continues to evolve.

Mr. Hanson specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) that mimics human traits. He is probably creating the most “human” robots in use. He envisions a future where robots like Sophia will make human lives easier.