NPR Ridicules President Trump Every Weekend


About six percent of NPR’s funding comes from government-funded grants. Yet the government is a regular target for the “public radio.” NPR ridicules the country’s democratically-elected president and the Republican Party with not-so-funny jokes every single Saturday.

What is Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! is standard NPR fare. Broadcast almost every Saturday since January 1998, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! is a weekly game show produced in part by NPR. Its subtitle is “The NPR News Quiz.”

However, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! features weekly jokes at the president’s expense, as well as the party he leads, the GOP.

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What sorts of jokes?

Here are a select few examples from the past couple months of NPR’s flagrant cruelty towards the president and his party:

  • When the host said Trump changed the location of the G7 Summit from his own resort, a guest responded, “Ha ha!”
  • Host Peter Sagal said that the people testifying in the impeachment inquiry would be wearing makeup, remarking it would be nice to see Mike Pence with an actual skin color. Another panelist added, “And eyebrows.”
  • Comparing the veep to Mitt Romney, Mike Pence was said to be “pure evil” underneath his bland exterior.
  • Referencing GOP congressmen storming a closed door impeachment hearing, host Sagal commented on how rousing it was to see a group of rich white men screaming because they didn’t get what they wanted.
  • When it is suggested someone would throw Trump “under the bus” during impeachment hearings, the host added that with this administration, it’s more like throwing them “under the private jet.”
  • Host Sagal said that Devin Nunes’s preferred aphrodisiac is nude photos of Donald Trump.

How much in taxes do we pay NPR?

If NPR wants to disrespect the democratically elected president, that is their prerogative, even if they didn’t treat the Obama administration anywhere near as poorly. Or the Bush administration, for that matter.