Ilhan Omar: Merit-Based Immigration “Racist” Towards Latino Community


Freshmen congresswoman Ilhan Omar has sparked controversy with new remarks. This time, the remarks in question center around merit-based immigration and the Latino community.

In a tweet which she has since deleted, Omar alleged that merit-based immigration is inherently racist towards Latinos.

Reviewing Omar’s Remarks on Merit-Based Immigration

Over the past few weeks, the Trump administration has furthered strides towards a merit-based immigration system. Such a system falls in line with the idea that those who emigrate to America ought to be able to support themselves independently and contribute accordingly.

Well, like most political matters, there are people who disagree with the notion of merit-based immigration. Very recently, Rep. Omar took to Twitter to express her concerns and subsequently slam the merit-based immigration system proposal as “racist.”

Although the congresswoman deleted her tweet, it’s still well-documented via screenshots and reposts.

See for yourself:

Reactions to Omar’s Remarks on Merit-Based Immigration

Now, there are some very intense undertones within Omar’s tweet. The congresswoman essentially stated that the Latino community would struggle to thrive and compete within a merit-based immigration system. Ironically, this in and of itself, is a racist notion, despite the fact that Omar is making this statement to brand the Trump administration as racist.

GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, the son of a Cuban immigrant, pointed this out in response to Omar’s remarks:

Omar furthermore received flak from other Americans who comprehended the inferences of her tweet:

Immigration to the United States of America

Many people have stated that the real racists are those who see racism wherever they go. From a purely objective standpoint, merit-based immigration is not a racist policy. Immigration to the United States is a privilege, not a right. Furthermore, seeing as immigration is a privilege, nations which permit it have the right to enact various stipulations; this includes the United States.

Thus far, Omar has doubled down on her claims that merit-based immigration is racist to the Latino community. This is moreover evident upon reviewing the latest posts on her Twitter feed regarding this matter:

Statements such as Omar’s are regularly viewed by conservatives as the soft bigotry of low expectations.